What We Believe

As a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, we reflect the historic positions of the Church. The PCA's full doctrinal statement is the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Our Distinctives

However, a typical university will have several Christian ministries represented on campus. An important question is, what makes RUF distinctive? Our distinctives are found in the following commitments:

  • Reformed Theology:  We are committed to orthodox Christianity through the theological tradition of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Word-centered Ministry:  We believe that our understanding of God and our spiritual development comes through the study of the Christian Scriptures.
  • Pastoral Presence:  We send ordained ministers to the campus to provide pastoral care for students.
  • Ecclesiastical Ministry:  We build bridges for students and the Church -- where their Christian lives will be lived out after college.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

Instructed and guided by this system of belief, RUF has developed a philosophy of ministry which is biblically informed and pastorally sensitive. It is consistent with the God-given role of the Church on campus to reach and equip students to love and serve Jesus Christ and his Church. Our goals are...

  • Growth in Grace:  We seek to help students grow in their spiritual lives through the profound grace of the gospel.
  • Missions & Evangelism:  We encourage students profess what they believe without fear or manipulation.
  • Fellowship & Service:  We seek to build community which cares for itself but also for others.
  • Biblical World-view:  We want students to consider their Christian faith as an essential part of how they live and work in the world.